The European Union

If Scotland wants to be independent and free,
Then why is it obsessed with belonging to the European Union ?
Which is going to be dominated by Germany,
As the only super power left in the European Union,
Now that the U.K has gone.

And as such Germany will willingly dominate the European Union,
Even more than it does now,
As its prescription for some of the the smaller countries,
Will always be more and worse austerity.
And if you don’t believe me,
Ask Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy,
And a few other smaller countries,
That the only medicine the E.U. Gives
Is always more and more austerity.
And the European Union is NOT a democracy.

It is not a happy situation,
To be a smaller country,
Dominated by Germany,
And as its front, the bureaucracy of Brussels,
Which is extremely worried about:
How many electric watts ?
Does your toaster use ?
And the electricity used by your tea kettle,
They find absolutely and totally outrageous.
That is if you are a smaller nation,
Suffering under the domination of the European Union.

And even then the E.U is negotiating to take in Turkey,
And some thirty million Muslims,
Many of whom will be refugees to Scotland,
As the E.U is very very super inclusive,
To the point of appearing absolutely stupid.

So why ought Scotland to be free?
If it leads to more submission to Germany,
As the chief and main super power in the E.U.
But what Scotland ought to be:
Is entirely free of both England,
And the European Union,
So Scotland can be BOTH independent and FREE !

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