Do you want to make the same mistake,
From the United States, that Texas made ?
As it merged itself into a larger country,
Which did not necessarily share the same points of view,
But thought very differently on nearly everything,
Yet, Texas made a fatal but sad choice.,
It did not become an independent nation,
Nor develop its own voice.

Oh, the friction that has come,
From Texas deciding to be only a part of a larger nation,
When it might have been independent and its own nation,
It’s own man, a unique cultural and independent statement,
But Texas sadly chose the subordinate part,
Of merging into a larger country with far different values,
And a very different voice.

So, smaller nations, learn, if you wish, a lesson from Texas,
One that smaller states should be taught,
But only later will appreciate:
That to be only a part of a larger country.
Of very different views is often fatal and always degrading..

And if Scotland, does unite with a bigger nation,
That does not have the same views and values,
Scotland will be miserable,
As it will never share the same views and values,
As England, and Scotland will always regret,
Being only a smaller part of a larger nation,
Which does not share the same views and values.

So smaller countries, beware, and be sure to learn a depressing lesson,
And do not hesitate to be free, as Scotland, should have learned from Texas,
To become its own free and independent nation,
Or the result will be like Texas,and the other red and blue troubled American states,
Stuck in a Union with many states of different views and values,
Which, to say the least, few appreciate and are deadlocked in.

But when you join a larger Union, that means there is no escape from it,
And do the Scots really want, like Texans, to live in a Union,
To which their state is always subservient?
And because of this, history later must deplore,
How the Scots, like the Texans, blew their chance,
To become their own free, brave and independent nation,
But chose to remain only a minor and dependent state,
With another added non-indigenous government far too many miles away.

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