Scots Are Wise

The Scots are wise enough
To consider where the money is coming from,
But keep it cool, keep it level,
As that is not as serious a problem,
As you have been taught it it.
As independence is the most important thing,
Because you can handle your own economic problems,
Make your own decisions,
And not be dependent upon London,
Which is a sad way to be.

After independence, Scotland will be a smaller and free country,
And can make its own economic decisions,like say, Switzerland,
Which has a smaller corporation tax,
As Switzerland’s runs about 9%
While Britain is around 20 %,
Which is meant to chase the world’s capital out !

Now if you look at Ireland,
It has around a 6.5 % tax on corporations,
Which brings the world’s capital in,
And does not drive it out, but means to bring it in.
(After all, if stores compete, why not countries ?
Or do we just sit and stagnate ?
And hope to turn into a cheese !)

Now Scotland is a smaller, literate, shrewd and energetic country,
And with a lower corporation tax,
And some better economic management,
Could be another small and better off country,
Like Switzerland and Scandinavia !

As there is no reason why Scotland, if independent,
Could not be better off in the future,
With its high literacy, and lesser corporation taxes,
And a smaller country with better economic management,
Centered on the welfare of the Scots,
While the English (calling themselves the British)
Make all the heavy economic decisions rather badly,

Now which would you rather be ?
A free nation like Switzerland, Denmark, Norway,
Or continue as a smaller colony of London,
Where the Scots are always to be in a small minority,
And can never be expected to make their own free economic decisions,
Sadly and Most Regrettably. !

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