Not Both Ways

Not Both Ways

Scotland has to adapt to the hard fact,

It can’t play it both ways.

If Scotland stays with England,

It will have to go the English majority way,

As was shown in the referendum

About the European Union.


And if Scots want to go the Scottish way,

Scotland had best be free and independent,

So the English can’t out vote it,

Through a larger voting population,

As what happened in the referendum

On the European Union.,


Poor Scotland, sympathy extended,

But it must face the hard and bitter facts,

That it can’t play it both ways.


Scotland cannot be both Scots and English in their decisions,

As Scotland can’t play it both ways,

And have it the Scottish Way,

When there are more English voters than Scots,

Making the decisions.


But the ultimate fact is:

Logic Hurts:

Leave England and become INDEPENDENT

Or get screwed by the English,

And learn to like it.

That is Scotland’s big decision.

That it should have learned from the referendum

On the European Union.

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