Scotland has no reason to go with the the E.U.
Where it will still compromise its independence,
In any agreements with the E.U.
But Scotland can always be free,
As well stay its own independent country.
If Scotland can be free of the E.U.
And be independent of the U.K
Why not ?
That’s the best offer !

So if Scotland goes with Iceland,
And the other Nordic countries,
Who are and will be free,
From the E. U.
Whose great concerns are over:
How much electricity, Scots may use in their tea kettles,
And other such inanities,
That the bureaucrats of Brussels,
Would like us to become accustomed to.!

But if Scots can go the way of Iceland,
An independent Nordic country,
And still be free,
Why remain with the U.K.
As well as continue to suffer the E.U. ?
And the big TEA KETTLE Question !
Which is imposed all the way from Brussels,
And is bothering every trivially minded idiot in Scotland !

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