London Free

The Scots are not fighting a literal revolution,
But a peaceful mental evolution away from English neocolonialism,
And desiring peaceful liberation from the many multicultural forces of London,
Where every other person is from the Orient or maybe Islam,
Which, as you know, may bomb the — out of you.

No, London does not put Scotland first,
But, if at all, considers Scotland last,
As Scots suffers under the tyranny of an English majority,
In a terribly mixed up Westminster Parliament,
That considers the Scots last, if Scotland is to be thought of at all,
As Scotland is really far too small to be adequately considered,
By London at all.

But what Scotland really needs to be,
Is independent and London-free,
And to be its own country,
Not just another neocolonialist province to be marked off on a lengthy list,
Of a vast multicultural bureaucracy,
Secretly run and financed by the E. U. which means Germany,
Is the dominant and leading member of the E. U. hegemony,
And you do realize what that means ?
Need anyone say more?

But I can tell you, I may assure you,
Many Scots would be much happier,
And some maybe absolutely ecstatic,
If only Scotland could be: London-free.

But if the Irish can accomplish it,
The Scots can do it better:
Being independent and London-free !

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An hegemony is a nation dominated by another nation,
And so others have to follow it, and do what it says,
And one outside controlling country is bad enough to deal with,
But Scotland has two:
One hegemony is dominance by England,
Who makes or approves Scotland’s big decisions,
And then another controlling hegemony
That the present U.K. hegemony is caught in, is the E.U.,
Which is in an European hegemony,
Where Germany is in the politely controlling country,
That the other European nations are subordinated to.

Now how many countries suffer under one major hegemonic nation,
But why have two? (Isn’t that a trifle masochistic and a little sadistic ?)
But Scotland has two hegemonic countries to dabble, babble and meddle in her business:
The E. U., the pawn of a dominating and controlling Germany,
Which informs both the U.K and some of the minor European nations,
Just what they may or may not do!

Yet, if you think about it deeply,
Wouldn’t it be better to be subservient, (if you must be subservient )
To only one hegemonic controlling nation,
Instead of suffering under two hegemonic controlling nations,
Telling Scotland what to do ?

Yes, it must be better,
Not to have any other larger countries controlling yours,
As it might be better to do as Norway does,
And have no other country dominate yours,
But just do your own Norwegian thing.

Yet let’s face reality,
When involved in two hegemonies,,
That is far too much outside controlling for any one country
To handle at once, even if the control is politely hegemonic,
But would it not be nice,
For Scotland to be free of any controlling hegemony ?

And not to be caught, as Scotland is
Between two confused and strange hegemonies.
Like the U.K and the E.U. (Not to mention the U.N.)
And later, God only knows, what may happen in the future,
To a nation already caught between two somewhat confused hegemonies,
When millions of emigrants are waiting to pour in,
And through their “coming changing key vote” drastically (maybe) ruin things,
So another and even worse kind of crazy hegemony may be !.

You see if I had a dog, I would name him,
“ Hegemony,”
And he would come running to me,
And maybe lick my hand,
As I would be the chief hegemonic figure.
And controlling one in our master-dog relationship,
Often based on money..

As the best place to be is the rich hegemonic figure,
In any relationship,
And now you can understand,
What it means for Scotland and other nations to have to be,
Stuck in an hegemony,

But how about twice being,
Stuck in an hegemonic relationship,
While desperately wanting to be free,
As is only natural for anyone,
Stuck in an hegemony,
But what about being stuck between two hegemonies ?

As Germany controls the E. U. organized hegemony,
Of which England is only a much smaller part,
But the English control the smaller U.K. hegemony,
Of which Scotland is an even smaller part,
And so Scotland is at the end of the power list,
And therefore some Scots,
Would like their independence quick,
As they are tired of being at the end of the stick.

So everyone can now imagine,
What it means to any good and brave people, like the Scots to be,
Stuck between or at the end of two confusing hegemonies,
When so many of their native Scottish citizens,
Are waiting and wanting very naturally to walk free,
Like so many of those other peoples in European nations,
Who are tired of mixed up,
And confusing government through hegemonies.

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Who Are Those ?

Who are those who say all religions?
Are the same and harmless and should be welcomed equally?
Those are a naïve people, if they believe,
All religions are truly equal, sane and harmless,
And all members be welcomed in excess and equally !

You can read history to see,
How the facts have suggested otherwise,
And even proved their points,
If you look at the many past burnings at the stake,
Jihad and some wanting to have four wives today.

It is just so much naïve nonsense to believe,
All religions and their migrant members,
Should be welcomed equally !
Regardless of the doctrines they believe,
For some religions are truly dangerous,
And some seem to be bordering on the doctrinally insane.
(Although it is not thought of as polite or politically correct to speak the truth,
I have this out of fashion tendency to tell it anyway.)
As I think if you tell it like it is, God will reward you one day.
As well as you will have a broader perspective.)

So why should Scotland or any nation for that matter, welcome migrants,
Who may be dangerous to the citizens,
As in London, they ought to know from centuries of previous experiences,
Religions may be a troublesome thing!

And why should Scotland remain unfree?
And a helpless provincial section of England,
Opened to many thousands of migrants,
As the English seem to think:
All members of any strange religions,
Should be allowed in Scotland,in excess and equally,
And therefore they become part of Scotland,
Which cannot be really free,
As long as the English Parliament’s majority,
Determine the Scottish emigration policy.

And the Scots still will have no part,
In determining the destiny of Scotland,
If not allowed a vote by Scottish citizens,
To decide which people will be allowed in Scotland,
A decision to be made only by Scots,
In a newer, free and more democratic country !
And that means ultimately a Free Scotland,
To decide its own Scottish destiny!

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Rethinking Madagascar

Now you have seen the slaughter in Paris,
Of Friday, November 13, 2015,
Where one or some of those who bombed Paris,
Posed as a refugee who came through Greece,
To get to Paris, so he could bomb it flat to disaster.

Don’t you think now might be the time,
To reconsider and rethink Madagascar as a grand place
To divert refugees to go to raise a family ?
And a by-product of this just might be,
Europeans could be safer if the migrants were in Madagascar !

Remember the U.K is under constant pressure,
From the European Union, maybe also a coming disaster,
To take in even more migrants,
When there is around forty percent of emigrants already in Londonstan,
As Londonstan is the capital and center of what once was an English speaking nation,
But, however, that has changed, as that time is now a distant and nostalgic memory,
Of a former time when things were far different.

Don’t you think it might turn out nicer ?
To have an independent Scotland,
With its own laws and emigration offices,
And not be using Londonstan, as a capitol,
As Londonstan is obviously a failure in emigration,
Or if it is not, why are there forty percent of foreign peoples ?
Making entering Londonstan like entering a foreign land,
Where there should be a passport required to enter,
And where the natives or those from England,Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland,
Will need foreign language lessons,
To understand almost half the citizens of the New Londonstan. !

But do not worry, If the E. U. is considered,
Whose wishes are German centered and seem to be a new form of religion,
There will be so many newcomers from outside Londonstan,
That it will have to be divided into two districts,
Greater and Lesser Londonstan.
Greater Londonstan will be old London proper,
And the rest of the U.K and Scotland will be Lesser Londonstan,
Unless Scotland asserts its Independence,
Or if that is not an option,
It had best seriously consider the happiness found in Madagascar,
As you can hide from the bombers there,
If you don’t want to send them there.

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Truth Will Out

Truth will out,
And all secrets will be told, given time,
As the people have now learned,
Of the secrecy of Tony Blair and his government,
In far away Londonstan,
Which tried very secretly to bring in a flood of migrants
To take the workers’ jobs,
And drastically change the character of the nation,
As Tony Blair rubbed their noses in self-righteous diversity.

But remember the Law Of Supply and Demand,
The more migrants are taken in, the supply of workers grow,
And the more the demand for your working services,
The salaries go down, nearer and nearer to the ground.

Now the most important thing
Is not the unwise actions intended to ruin the working man,
But that these actions were done in secret,
And this shows us once again,
That secret things are being done in Londonstan.

And that secrecy gives to Scotland,
Not only the right but a reason,
That the Scots should have a separate government:
A different type of democracy, that is done in public and not kept secret,
And never should it be run from far away imperial Londonstan.

As this shows you again why Scotland,
Should be a free and independent nation,
And not just a minor colony of far away Londonstan,
Where things are conceived and decided secretly.
As Scots cannot be allowed to determine their own destiny,
But are governed secretly, so like a colony,
Governed secretly from far away imperial and colonialist Londonstan,
Where it seems the many, many migrant workers,
From far off,(as upon entering, they are quickly given the vote)
With which they are going to decide the Scottish destiny!
And that is just one more significant reason,
Scotland should happily be independent and free.

And if you think there is a definite need for more diversity,
Just wait until you have five million more Muslims,
All of whom may be on jihad about some issue, (that displeases them ).
And then you may decide very differently,
On how much diversity there needs to be !
And why Scotland absolutely must be free !

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Most people seem reasonably happy,
On the island of Madagascar.
And it is only humane and decent,
To do something for the migrants,
From the mainly Middle East.
So why not settle them
With plenty of foreign aid to help them,
On the island of Madagascar ?

But it makes no practical sense,
To take masses of migrants into modern nations,
According to their dreams, whims and fantasies,
Of a European life which the migrants are totally unprepared for,
And have only heard about it from cheap movies. hearsay and tourist publicity !

But why should European labor,
Have their jobs, work and neighborhoods taken by
A massive number of refugees from far away places,
Who can’t speak other than their own foreign language,
And are widely if not totally almost illiterate.

The question is not only:
Is it fair to the migrants ?
To cast them suddenly into an alien country,
They do not understand,
Where many of the native citizens don’t want the migrants
Forced or thrust upon them..

Or is it fair to the many Europeans,
Particularly the middle class working folk from smaller nations
Whose jobs are going to be displaced by them.?

Or those citizens who are not particularly fond of Islamic values,
That come with the migrants like Sharia law and other non- western values,
As you may see in London, for one example out of many,
Where civilian street patrols are part of the joys the migrants necessitate,
And those joys are not exactly what the local citizens would have chosen,
Of their own volition and choices,
As the dreams, values and whims of many of the workers in the E. U.,
Are not considered any if at all.

Yes, one wants to be fair, decent and humane,
But that doesn’t mean their native countries are even close to containing,
So vast a number of migrating aliens.
Who are pouring in by the millions,
Upon some unhappy native European citizens.
Now let’s be decent, let us be super humane,
But not be impractical and silly,
As no one should hesitate to give the aliens plenty of foreign aid.
But where is it written the migrants get to decide
The nation they desire to enter ?
Even if it is often against the local wishes of the native citizens.
Yes, it is nice to be inclusive,
But you can become so inclusive,
Certain factors may elude you !

The migrant example is like a pauper picking the best choice of hotel in a foreign city,
And then saying that it alone must take him in,
As the beggar won’t go to a less expensive or different motel for lodging.
(Schizophrenic, isn’t it? Reality would suggest beggars can’t be choosers,
But paupers are in luck if they find those who will even work with them towards some solution.
Yet in that solution who would betray the interests of the good folk previously living there ?
Answer: Some politicians might be glad to sell out the people already living there to please a
Prime Minister under pressure from the E.U capitol which is hundreds of miles away and where
No one knows any of the local people who are being made absolutely miserable.)
Too big a government out of contact with its people is ironic, and rather tragic, isn’t it ?
But that is a very good reason we should consider smaller and more people friendly nations,
Like that one which would be given by Scottish Independence.

But everyone seems reasonably happy,
On the island of Madagascar,
Which is much more like what the alien migrants are accustomed to,
And might be far more comfortable in,
Than in Europe, which includes Scotland, England,
Austria, Slovenia, Hungary,
And numerous other member nations and regions of the E. U.
Which have been forced to take in thousands of alien migrant folk,
Whose vast numbers fairly threaten many honest working folk in Europe.

And if the European Union leaders were at all wise,
Which they have only rarely been,
They would consider for the placement of the migrants,
As the Island of Madagascar,
Where most of the ones there seem reasonably happy.
Not ecstatic but reasonably happy.

But add to this a substantial amount of foreign aid and help,
And therefore many presently unhappy Middle Eastern citizens,
Who are migrating by the millions to many small and overpopulated European nations,
Still would have a nice place to go.

But the migrants need a larger, warmer place than Europe,
With a far smaller population, beautiful views,
As well as plenty of extra living space,
Plus handsome sandy beaches.
So please remember to consider Madagascar,
For the migrant millions pouring uninvited into Europe,
That those in Madagascar seem reasonably happy,
Not ecstatic but reasonably normal and happy,
Living on the verdant Island of Madagascar !

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There is a real need for Scottish independence,
As if there is a Scottish separation,
Into its own fine and independent state,
Then Scotland can make its own rule about migration,
And not have Islamic values imposed on it,
By the millions of Islamic migrants
Pouring, pouring in great numbers into Europe.

If an independent Scotland is created,
Then it can soften or deny the pending Islamic transformation
Of society, like the one that is presently going on,
Where many of those citizens living in London,
Are afraid to walk the streets.
As they cannot move peaceably at times,
Because of the threatened Islamic Transformation through migration,
That is presently going on.

Those in London must have citizen patrols
To safeguard the streets,
So normal life can carry on.
To a European cultural beat and rhythm..

Which of the Islamic values,
Do you desire the most for Scotland ?
A harem of four wives that are allowed by Islam,
A violent jihad if anyone disagrees with your opinions,
Your nice looking ladies wearing long dark veils,
So no one may see their faces,
(Mate, if the sight of a woman turns you on,
So bad that you need a veil to hide her feminine pulchritude,
You got far bigger problems than mere migration can handle.)

And so Muslim migrations may undo the victory at the battle of Tours, long ago,
Which gave us a distinctly different European continent,
Instead of having wide spread Islamic values somewhat sadly transforming society,
Which may and is happening to Scotland,
If the Scots don’t create a separate independent free state of their own,
Where they can avoid or soften the coming Islamic transformation of values,
That Europe is witnessing,
And England is now passively under going and submitting to.

To achieve our national state goals,
Nobody has to be mean or violent,
Just quietly decide you want to keep the same Scots values,
That there are, and very like the ones you have grown up with,
And we do not have to undergo a cultural transformation to the values of the Middle East,
Brought by a massive Islamic migration.
That migration may transform normal European values.
By allowing millions of Muslims to enter Europe,
And we don’t know actually know how it will turn out:
And how badly will the massive migration of Islam transform our values ?

Truly nobody knows how Scots’ native identities,
Will change under Islamic pressure by the migrant millions,
But why take a chance?
On massive migrations by the Islamic millions entering the nation,
A migration that can easily transform native Scottish values and identity,
To more foreign and Islamic standards.

Now if other nations want to under go an Islamic values transformation,
That’s all right, no harm done to us,
And such is their own national business, which we won’t mind,
As long as we have an independent separate national state,
To protect its citizens from a natural Islamic transformation over time,
(Given the massive Islamic migrationf millions)
To more Islamic values

And of course, to be fair, that transformation might not happen,
In the ways some think or imagine,
But then again it really might happen,
And who but a blooming blethering eejit,
Would want to take such a risk with Scotland,
As Scotland is far too fine,fair and much too dear,
To undertake a definite social risk like that one!
So Scottish independence is the only rational answer !

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“Such a parcel of rogues in a nation,”
Sang the poet, Robert Burns,
Referring to those who for money voted
For a union where Scotland was fully subservient to England,
Instead of their keeping Scotland’s complete and equal freedom.

But largely because of being bribed with gold,
Those involved at the time voted for a Union,
Where major issues about Scotland,
Were decided by an English majority
In Westminster Parliament.

But now the English to pacify the Scots,
Have come up with a mock second hand freedom,
Where the Scots are allowed
To fix some traffic tickets, (Big Deal)
But the main issues for Scotland,
Must still be decided in England through Westminster Parliament,,
That is: by an English colonialist majority,

And today does Scotland have any more freedom?
Yes, a little, it can now fix some traffic tickets,
But all of the major considerations about Scotland,
Must still be decided in Westminster Parliament
Which is the English and colonialist way of dominating Scotland,
As the majority in Westminster Parliament,
Will and always will be English
And the English are in the majority,
To decide for those in Scotland who always will,
Be and are a minority.

So why should the Scots ?
Stay with the English in this very odd and weird Union,
Where the English always can always dominate,
As the majority of voters,
And the Scots will always be a subservient minority,
Who have to submit to their English masters,
As in their usual colonialist colony past disasters.

As one thing is sure, and it does not take a Mahatma Gandhi,
To say how the English colonies will want their freedom,
And now the case and time has come: How about Scotland ?
Which is now really treated as another English colony, typical of the past colonialist disasters,
Dominating through a huge and foreign English majority voting in Westminster Parliament.

England as always dominated over their future foreign would-be nations,
Those countries who must and eventually will obtain their freedom,
And leave their second rate colonial status under English domination,
As Scotland is now in the process of doing !
Peacefully and without a non- violent revolution,
Much like Gandhi.

But it does not take a Mahatma Gandhi,
To see Scotland’s independence is predestined and forthcoming, (like India and others)
As that process is presently set in motion and going further and further.

And how happy Scotland will one day,
To be its own independent country,.
And not a, really, you know, a second rate colony of England,
Where the English make all of Scotland’s big decisions,
As in Westminster Parliament.

And as an independent nation,.
For Scotland to take its own seat in the United Nations,
And to get the respect of the entire world,
Not just as a part of England, but a nation of its own.

As history has proven,
How Scotland has the right to be,
Its own nation, independent and free.
And for Scotland to do otherwise than being free,
Is to show how Scotland might conceivably be,
It’s very own worst enemy.

As for Scotland not to be its own independent and a free nation,
Would betray its God-given and possibly divine national destiny,
While the tragedy is:
Scotland will never fulfill itself completely!
As. you know, by remaining a sort of a second rate English colony,
Sort of like an old maid colony left hanging on the family tree,
An old maid who never found her freedom to be independent,
Stand on her own, and make her own decisions.
Sort of never grew up and never became a full adult.

But I am sure Bonnie Scotland was meant to be more, far more,,
Than another, you know, a second rate English colony,
Whose big decisions are made by the English in Westminster Parliament
And as such Scotland never had a chance,
To decide and discover its own uniquely Scottish destiny.!
And as such that makes the history of Scotland,
A tragedy, when it could have left England’s government,.
And been free to fulfill Scotland’s own unique and able national destiny,

And do you desire the history of Scotland to end in a tragedy?
As poor Scotland never became a full adult,
The colony that never grew up !
Never became independent,
It never lost its dependent English status,
And never fulfilled its own separate and adult uniquely Scots destiny?

And do you want for people all over the world to say ?
Behind those Scottish backs:
“Poor inhibited Scotland,
It never found its independence,
And then went on like a fully normal nation,
As it never became free from England making its big decisions,
And spent its life, as you know,
In sort of being a really second rate Northern Urban English Colony, (NUEC)
While England through Westminster still made its big decisions,
(Sort of like a guardian for the retarded or someone unable to function)

And Scotland may never in modern times be independent and free.
To fulfill its uniquely independent national destiny,
Like most normal and even semi-normal modern nations,
Have been known to try to do.

Poor Scotland, it never took a chance on independence,
Never had the intestinal fortitude it takes,
But it was always timid, afraid and scared,
To become independent like a normal smaller nation !
Like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Switzerland.
Poor Scotland, if it continues its unfortunate negations,
It may never be an adequate or normal nation !”
Unless it ceases to be a N.U.E.C.
(Northern Urban English Colony.)
Where the English are careful to make, (through Westminster)
All the big decisions,
In an interesting version of colonialism.

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Can you imagine the Republic of Ireland,
Or the Kingdom of Norway,
Which struggled for their freedoms,
Going back to being their former states,
Of being a subordinate minority
In another and much larger nation ?

No, it is not human nature,
To retrograde to being a smaller state.
Once the people have become free and independent
Of a greater and more dominating state,
Where all the really important issues,
Were decided for them,
By a majority they did not belong to,
And they were regarded by the majority as troublesome subordinate region,
Lacking any of the respect,
That would ordinarily be given to an independent and free state.

When given a chance to be an independent nation,
Who would want to remain an insignificant and subordinate part
Of another and larger state ?
Where you could make your own national decisions,
And not have to crawl and beg a foreign parliament,
To decide all the big decisions for you !

No nation has ever regretted being a brave, independent and free state,
But sooner than later,
Everyone in the Scots nation will have a time to repent of being,
In the insidious situation of being a subordinate area,
Having to suck up, toady. beg and plead for something you feel Scotland needs,
Pleading with a greater, dominating, deaf and not hearing English state.

And if you have not felt that way yet, really very frustrated,
Wait around. You will ! London will be stone deaf to Scots’ pleas.
(Which,after all, is not so unusual )
And then you will see the very definite appeal,

As sooner or later, knowing human nature,
Scotland will in time be free.
Maybe not at this moment,
But eventually, Scotland will be free.
Count on it ! Accept it !
Don’t give up on it !
Scotland will be FREE .
Other nations may cower and dare not be,
But bonnie Scotland will be FREE!

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It is sad to have to ask you,
Not to be blinded by compassion,
But realistically to consider,
What to do with the many many millions,
Which seem to be the amount of immigrants
Knocking at the door.

So do not be taken in and black mailed by your conscience,
Which may not consider,
How the many many millions,
Wanting to immigrate,
May affect you and the nations,
That let them in..
Consider well the coming social radicalization
Caused by the masses of immigration,,
And the number of totally illiterate folk
Who will need jobs in the economy,
And who also may be bringing strange, deadly and lingering tropical diseases
To Scotland and Europe’s door.

And do not fail to realize,
Some may be suffering from things like Nile River Virus,
Dengue fever, Leprosy, Malaria, Tuberculosis of varying kinds.
There are around twelve thousand possible diseases in the world,,
And most live better in the tropics but they are
Probably are never even heard of,
By the average person of European extraction.

Are you ready to handle so many millions of defectors,,
In so small an area as Europe ?
Might it not be better,
To send the immigrants to say, Madagascar?
Where they would be more in that element,
They were happily accustomed to.

But is it fair to our children ?
To take in the immigrating masses, the bottom millions,
Who want to enter the Europeans nations?

Yes , it is compassionate,
But is it wise? Or is it fair to those already here ?
To be swamped by the ignorant, diseased, multi-millions,,
When Scotland has only a few million in population,
And Europe is only a very, very small region,
And if we take a few immigrants in,,
Bet me, as I am sure that endless more,
Of the illiterate, hopelessly radicalized and possibly tropically diseased will follow !
Now everyone all around has all our sympathy,
But we must think on a practical basis:
Should we and can we deal with the many, many defecting folk,
At the door?

Well, frankly, I do not think so.
I doubt it as,
This immigration situation badly needs rethinking,
And would the Scots be the same type of people?
After the massive intrusion of so many immigrants,
From countries where there are millions more,
Who can’t wait to immigrate.

Think what you like,
But please think it through,
Yes, I have, and I don’t think so !
The immigration will not do for Scotland,
(Not at all ! )
But what think you ?
And feel free to disagree.

But England needs to think about this too,
Yes, I know the colonialistic English rarely,if ever ,
Are known to think, or even prone to thinking,
But the English need this one time,
To gather all their well hidden mental strength,
And think on this one too !

Though it may blow their minds,
To leave off the endless propaganda,
They are exposed to from London,
And think on something,
That might actually be true !

And then what do those in Scotland do ?
They should remember,
Independence for Scotland is a most viable option,
When Scotland might make its own immigration rules.
And everyone should earnestly consider that option too !

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