Germany runs the European Union for it own interests.
The other countries in it are strictly peripheral.
Why should Scotland go from being peripheral to England,
To being peripheral to the E.U and Germany?
If Scotland wants to be peripheral,
Then it is better off with England,
Than Germany,
As was shown in World War II !

I thought the idea was for Scotland\
Like Norway or Switzerland,
And not to continue to be peripheral to any other ?
Why jump from the British frying pan into the E U. fire?

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Land Reform

One thing the land of Scotland badly lacks,
Is a good land Buy-Back.
Land reform should be the norm,
But when Scotland is a mere colony of England,
And English votes are stacked against the Scots,
Land reform, cannot be the norm.,
As English dominating votes,
Denigrate Scotland’s hopes,
And until Scottish Independence comes,
There will be no real Land Reform.

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Not Both Ways

Not Both Ways

Scotland has to adapt to the hard fact,

It can’t play it both ways.

If Scotland stays with England,

It will have to go the English majority way,

As was shown in the referendum

About the European Union.


And if Scots want to go the Scottish way,

Scotland had best be free and independent,

So the English can’t out vote it,

Through a larger voting population,

As what happened in the referendum

On the European Union.,


Poor Scotland, sympathy extended,

But it must face the hard and bitter facts,

That it can’t play it both ways.


Scotland cannot be both Scots and English in their decisions,

As Scotland can’t play it both ways,

And have it the Scottish Way,

When there are more English voters than Scots,

Making the decisions.


But the ultimate fact is:

Logic Hurts:

Leave England and become INDEPENDENT

Or get screwed by the English,

And learn to like it.

That is Scotland’s big decision.

That it should have learned from the referendum

On the European Union.

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Scotland has no reason to go with the the E.U.
Where it will still compromise its independence,
In any agreements with the E.U.
But Scotland can always be free,
As well stay its own independent country.
If Scotland can be free of the E.U.
And be independent of the U.K
Why not ?
That’s the best offer !

So if Scotland goes with Iceland,
And the other Nordic countries,
Who are and will be free,
From the E. U.
Whose great concerns are over:
How much electricity, Scots may use in their tea kettles,
And other such inanities,
That the bureaucrats of Brussels,
Would like us to become accustomed to.!

But if Scots can go the way of Iceland,
An independent Nordic country,
And still be free,
Why remain with the U.K.
As well as continue to suffer the E.U. ?
And the big TEA KETTLE Question !
Which is imposed all the way from Brussels,
And is bothering every trivially minded idiot in Scotland !

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The European Union

If Scotland wants to be independent and free,
Then why is it obsessed with belonging to the European Union ?
Which is going to be dominated by Germany,
As the only super power left in the European Union,
Now that the U.K has gone.

And as such Germany will willingly dominate the European Union,
Even more than it does now,
As its prescription for some of the the smaller countries,
Will always be more and worse austerity.
And if you don’t believe me,
Ask Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy,
And a few other smaller countries,
That the only medicine the E.U. Gives
Is always more and more austerity.
And the European Union is NOT a democracy.

It is not a happy situation,
To be a smaller country,
Dominated by Germany,
And as its front, the bureaucracy of Brussels,
Which is extremely worried about:
How many electric watts ?
Does your toaster use ?
And the electricity used by your tea kettle,
They find absolutely and totally outrageous.
That is if you are a smaller nation,
Suffering under the domination of the European Union.

And even then the E.U is negotiating to take in Turkey,
And some thirty million Muslims,
Many of whom will be refugees to Scotland,
As the E.U is very very super inclusive,
To the point of appearing absolutely stupid.

So why ought Scotland to be free?
If it leads to more submission to Germany,
As the chief and main super power in the E.U.
But what Scotland ought to be:
Is entirely free of both England,
And the European Union,
So Scotland can be BOTH independent and FREE !

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Larger and richer empires are the goals of our time. While successful economic development
is important, it is not the most important goal. The important goal is the quality of life and the
best quality of life is to be found in smaller nations where the citizens are directly democratically
engaged in their government.

On the other hand the world drive is for empires where the citizens are most like ants in an ant
hill. The U.K. Is trying to be an empire in being an amalgamation of England, Wales,
Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is also the case in the United States which is turning
or has turned into another international empire of continental America, Alaska, Puerto Rico,
Hawaii and other areas that should have more independent governments: smaller states
where citizens can be democratically engaged in governments.

Europe has turned into the European Union in an effort to make another impressive ‘Empire.”
It seems to be succeeding. The rule of course is a tyranny of the majority or the most
economically impressive in the European Union which is mostly another German economic empire in Europe. Rule comes from Brussels in Belgium which is the capital of a monster bureaucratic state. Europe is now largely just another colony of Germany, which of course was the aim of Frederick the Great. Europe in the E.U. suffers under the tyranny of the economic majority or the most economically impressive which is Germany.

Russia is another mass empire. India is another empire. Japan tried to be an Empire
in World War II. Islam is trying to set up its own empire. Whether it will succeed or not
will yet be seen. But the world is caught up in a clash of empires. The bigger the empire,
the more the citizens are lost and powerless in it. .

Yet the point is creating empires is simply that economics and over centralization come
first. The values of the empire nations are wrong. The quality of life of their peoples would be best
served in more independent countries that are smaller in size and more democratic in government. (Riches may come and go but it is not in riches that the ultimate nature of mankind is to be
fulfilled and happiest but in smaller areas with more democratic governments. )

If Scotland wishes to be a colony of London, it is unfortunate, but it can certainly do that.
If it wishes to become independent and endeavors to be a smaller and independent
country engaged in a far more democratic government, that is a higher goal than being part of
another “ Empire ” ant hill.

Ultimately Scotland as well as many nations have a choice: be a smaller nation where
the citizens can be more directly engaged in government, or be under domination by the tyranny
of the majority or an economic elite in another world empire. The choice is up to the Scots who should seriously consider the question before they decide. At stake is the kind of society they wish to have and to live in. I suggest a smaller independent and more democratic nation like an independent Scotland is the wiser choice than setting up or encouraging an empire to be a subservient part of.

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Scots Are Wise

The Scots are wise enough
To consider where the money is coming from,
But keep it cool, keep it level,
As that is not as serious a problem,
As you have been taught it it.
As independence is the most important thing,
Because you can handle your own economic problems,
Make your own decisions,
And not be dependent upon London,
Which is a sad way to be.

After independence, Scotland will be a smaller and free country,
And can make its own economic decisions,like say, Switzerland,
Which has a smaller corporation tax,
As Switzerland’s runs about 9%
While Britain is around 20 %,
Which is meant to chase the world’s capital out !

Now if you look at Ireland,
It has around a 6.5 % tax on corporations,
Which brings the world’s capital in,
And does not drive it out, but means to bring it in.
(After all, if stores compete, why not countries ?
Or do we just sit and stagnate ?
And hope to turn into a cheese !)

Now Scotland is a smaller, literate, shrewd and energetic country,
And with a lower corporation tax,
And some better economic management,
Could be another small and better off country,
Like Switzerland and Scandinavia !

As there is no reason why Scotland, if independent,
Could not be better off in the future,
With its high literacy, and lesser corporation taxes,
And a smaller country with better economic management,
Centered on the welfare of the Scots,
While the English (calling themselves the British)
Make all the heavy economic decisions rather badly,

Now which would you rather be ?
A free nation like Switzerland, Denmark, Norway,
Or continue as a smaller colony of London,
Where the Scots are always to be in a small minority,
And can never be expected to make their own free economic decisions,
Sadly and Most Regrettably. !

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Do you want to make the same mistake,
From the United States, that Texas made ?
As it merged itself into a larger country,
Which did not necessarily share the same points of view,
But thought very differently on nearly everything,
Yet, Texas made a fatal but sad choice.,
It did not become an independent nation,
Nor develop its own voice.

Oh, the friction that has come,
From Texas deciding to be only a part of a larger nation,
When it might have been independent and its own nation,
It’s own man, a unique cultural and independent statement,
But Texas sadly chose the subordinate part,
Of merging into a larger country with far different values,
And a very different voice.

So, smaller nations, learn, if you wish, a lesson from Texas,
One that smaller states should be taught,
But only later will appreciate:
That to be only a part of a larger country.
Of very different views is often fatal and always degrading..

And if Scotland, does unite with a bigger nation,
That does not have the same views and values,
Scotland will be miserable,
As it will never share the same views and values,
As England, and Scotland will always regret,
Being only a smaller part of a larger nation,
Which does not share the same views and values.

So smaller countries, beware, and be sure to learn a depressing lesson,
And do not hesitate to be free, as Scotland, should have learned from Texas,
To become its own free and independent nation,
Or the result will be like Texas,and the other red and blue troubled American states,
Stuck in a Union with many states of different views and values,
Which, to say the least, few appreciate and are deadlocked in.

But when you join a larger Union, that means there is no escape from it,
And do the Scots really want, like Texans, to live in a Union,
To which their state is always subservient?
And because of this, history later must deplore,
How the Scots, like the Texans, blew their chance,
To become their own free, brave and independent nation,
But chose to remain only a minor and dependent state,
With another added non-indigenous government far too many miles away.

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Wee And Free

Have you ever considered ?
It may be better for Scotland
To be “wee and free,”
And not be always outnumbered,
By a large majority of English,
To whom Scotland is insignificant and smaller,
And always will be !

Because in comparison with their larger numbers,
Scotland may be often tyrannized by a vast and enormous majority,
Of the English,
Under whom Scotland can never be really free.
As the English consider Scotland far too “wee” to “go it free.”

But the Scots wisely may not agree,
As it may be far better to be “wee and free,”
Than to be hopelessly outnumbered by a vast majority,
Of English voters,
Who may often tyrannize you and Scotland,
As the English have always and ever had a larger majority,
In terms “geographical and political”
So the English can do, at anytime, any situation,
Whatever they may want to do.

So it is far better for Scotland to be “wee and free,”
As at anytime the English may choose or wish,
To make Scotland the helpless victim,
Of a far larger and hopelessly insensitive,
English majority.

So Scotland should see, and fully realize,
All the way to Stornaway, in the far off Hebrides,
That it is far better for Scotland to be “wee and free,”
Than to have Scotland,
Be a helpless victim that is always hopelessly outnumbered,
By an English majority.
And how much better off it might be,
To let Scotland be “wee but free.”

So Scotland will not always be subject to the tyranny,
Of an English majority.

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Have you considered ?
That Norway has a Sovereign Wealth Fund,
And if Scotland were independent,
It might have one also,
As Scotland has oil resources too
In the North Sea.

And if Scotland were independent,
Like Norway, which has only a trade agreement,
With the E.U.,
Then Scotland would not have to be,
A member of the European Union,
And therefore feel obligated to take in,
Thousands of alien Asians, like the ones,
Who recently had a riot in Cologne, Germany,
And may be waiting to sack Aberdeen.

Now there is a wide opinion,
That the aliens who sacked Cologne,
And may be dreaming of the Sack Of Aberdeen,
Will not have the balls, necessary,
To take on Glasgow.

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