The Doctor’s Poetry

Bravely Winds Of Scotland, Blow

Bravely, winds of Scotland, blow
Scotland’s flag that Scots below,
Will rise to make their nation be,
Master of its destiny.
Master of its destiny,

Dare vote Scotland again to be,
Deciding its own history,
Not made to take an unjust part,
In unjust wars Scotland has no heart.
In unjust wars Scotland has no heart.

Bravely,Scotland, dare to be,
Reclaiming your former liberty.
By urging Scotland’s vote to be,
Once again its own country,
Once again its own country.

Vote or fight, may Scotland be,
Free to decide as Scots may see,
Cast off years of domination,
Rise an independent nation !
Rise an independent nation.

Why be an outnumbered fraction?
Of an often deluded nation?
Why be an ever dominated sliver,
Subject to an Imperial Giver?
Subject to an Imperial Giver/

Bravely, winds of Scotland, wave,
The nation’s flag that it inspire,
Scots to endure, not lose their way.
But gain an Independence Day!
But gain an Independence Day.

Bravely, pipes of Scotland, blow
The news to gather Scots below:
This vote’s enough to heal the past,
And make the future free.
And make the future free.

Why should the Scots have to be?
Suffering under the tyranny,
Of the majority, made a minority,
In their own land.
In their own land.

That all good Scots may live to see,
Scotland independent and free,
You must vote for its liberty,.
Go vote for liberty.
Go vote for liberty.

‘Til We’re Free

To the tune of God Be With You

God be with us until Scotland’s free,
Draw it closer in one unity,
All work together happily,
God be with us until Scotland’s free.

God stay with us until Scotland’s free,
Be with all who ever need Thee,
Let us stand up very bravely,
God be with us until Scotland’s free.

God help us to make our Scotland be,
Of London’s patronizing free,
As we struggle, unyielding be,
God help us to make our Scotland free.

God be with us after Scotland’s free,
Let us very truly thank Thee,
Let our new nation a blessing be,
God be with us after Scotland’s free.

Til we’re free,
Til we’re free,
Til we are our own country,
Til we’re free,
Til we’re free,
God be with us till we’re free again.

One Day

If freedom now we don’t yet see,
Do not discouraged be,
Defeat’s a rhythm of reality,
One day our day will come.

God has predestined a Scotland free
If we but labor earnestly,
And work and pray for victory,
One day our day will come.

It is very sad to be,
Mourning our lost liberty,
But if we never give up the fight,
One day our day will come.

Come, all good Scots, to join the fight,
To rise again and set things right,
Do not surrender when you’re right.
One day your day will come.

Thinking Hearts

The poetry herein is not written for the Ezra Pound and Robert Lowell set of tortured or actually insane minds writing in (what I assume) is the intentionally distorted language used by overly intellectual neurotics exchanging verbal convolutions at Harvard. No way.

Being of more democratic inclinations, I am attempting to reach the people and to influence their voting. (Dare we be so vulgar?) I admire the people. I like the people. I respect the people, or most of them. And that’s it. I want to communicate with them. So to do that I am reverting to the habits of simpler lyric poets in simpler times, that is specifically William Wordsworth.

Wordsworth in his “Lyrical Ballads,” Part Second of “Hart-Leaf Well” writes that he is trying “To pipe a simple tune for thinking hearts.” Thais what I am trying to do and with Wordsworth I take my stand.

But what exactly is a “thinking heart?.” I believe that is how you and any good parents try to rear you children. You want to have a thinking heart. That is you love the kids deep in your heart, but you don’t want to let them just grow up wild. You try to have with them, or use with them, or apply to them, a thinking heart. You want to rear them intelligently and make good decisions for them so far as that is humanly possible. And teach the same attitude of a “thinking heart” to the kids.

Many of you love your country, in this case, Scotland, like you love your kids. You are devoted to it, you love it, you thrill when the flag goes by, you cry for Scottish soldiers killed in unnecessary wars. But in loving Scotland, you need to use and apply a “thinking” heart. If not, your love for our country may as outrageous as ruining the kids because you have no mind to apply in using your heart. A thinking heart means when where your heart goes, let your brain go with it.

So in the poetry I try to apply love for the flag. Francis Scott Key did this in America when he asked in the middle of the battle if the flag were still there? He asks rhetorically, “Oh, Say, can you see if the flag is still there?”

But your country is a lot like your kids. You want to do the best you can by it or for them. But that means you have to think, analyze, weigh, balance, judge the right thing to do. And that is what you need to bring to your patriotism, a thinking heart. What is best for Scotland?

The question opens up a hornet’s nest of opinions. I feel for everyone who has been stung by them. But there are some things that have to be faced if you wish to be an objective thinker and do the best thing for your country.

One of them is many people don’t really care about Scotland. This is unfortunate and ungracious of them. But some think only of money. Who considers what is good for Scotland in the long run? Some but not all. Some are the dumb asses of tradition just carrying whatever they are loaded down with from the past on down the road. Some few think, but many, for various reasons can’t think well. But you don’t want to belittle and hold their I.Q against themselves.

The fact is some can’t think just like some don’t find loving anyone or anything easy. Some just don’t think and they don’t love either. But some can love and think, and it is they who matter.

So what I am saying is in a democracy, it is important not to blow your cool, but you must be patient and enduring. If you blow your cool, there will be violence, and violence doesn’t help in the long run. You must, in spite of the diversity of the world, have faith in the ultimate triumph of the good people. (If I were speaking theologically, I would say the good people are those who are by grace elected to persevere to see the good cause through.)

Now I cannot say that what I think is right. It is what I believe is right. And you must make up your minds for yourself. But I cannot, for the life of me, see how Scotland’s being swallowed up by England, an appendage of it, does anyone any good except the English. It is a tyranny of the majority (to quote John Stuart Mill.)

And the only way to deal with it is to change the boundaries. And that is what Scottish Independence is trying to do: realign the borders so Scots can be a majority instead of a minority. And to me it obvious that Scots ought to rule in Scotland, and not be pawns of the English. The big things are decided by the English. The Scots get to rule as long as the issues are tiny, home bound and inconsequential.

That is why I say, Scotland should decide its own destiny, make its own history, cast off years of domination, be an independent nation. Why be an outvoted sliver of England subject to the whims of an Imperial Giver.? You do know that the Westminster government hands the “colonies” (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) a patronizing block grant of cash, like a husband used to give his wife an allowance, then told her to make do.

Now what’s wrong with this? (I can’t believe you are asking that question.) Each country should tax its own and spend as it needs. Some times are up, some times are down, some times are almost to the ground. It is flat IMPERIALISM not to let countries handle their own money as the times vary. (When do these countries grow up and get their own bank account?) Remember the line in the patriotic poem that says subject to the whims of an Imperial Giver? We can put it this way. Scotland could be and should be an adult and independent country. The only way to allow Scotland to grow up is to leave home (England, Lord, what a broken home)

Next I want to take up the Midlands. It’s a train wreck caused by not having the right government engineers at the political wheel. But I don’t think the business philosophy of England (what there is of it) is the really tragic- comic part. The two handkerchief part is when the Midlands economy crashed, the government slashed social welfare doles. That’s when overall social aid should have been increased.

Now I suggest unless Scotland gets away from England and reorganizes with a decent business and government philosophy, something more like Sweden, Denmark, or Germany, it is going down the drain like the Midlands.

Whereas the Midlands was a two handkerchief production, Scotland is going to be a three handkerchief production. Scotland needs an economic rejuvenation and a business revitalization and its’ not going to come from England where the Tories come from.

And for a predominantly Labor Party country to unite itself in an endless marriage union with a predominantly Tory country is nothing short of irrational. I mean it is the stuff high comedy is made of. (I mean it’s not irrational for big England who can call the shots, but it’s certainly irrational for smaller Scotland. I mean, Scotland, where is your Common Sense?)

Also we need to take up how to end the Babylonian Captivity of Scotland by England. For three hundred years Scotland has been a smaller country not enslaved but dominated be a larger country, England. It has experienced the tyranny of a largely foreign country major over a small minor country. It is enslavement through superior voting power by a larger social group.

Now if Scotland were just one more province of England, it would not be so horrendous, but Scotland is NOT one more province of England. It is an independent country that was put down by another and kept captive for three hundred years. It is now high time Scotland freed itself from the Babylonian Captivity of England to become once more an independent nationalist country. How can anyone think this odd? It is certainly what India and many other states did. And if Scotland is wise, it will do so too! (As for regrets, ask India and other countries if they wish to go back to England. They will say, “Thanks for the English and law lessons, but thank you, no.” Is there any valid reason to think Scotland will act otherwise? Or the United States? Or many others on a long list of emancipated countries. I see no line forming to take them back.)

This is why in my end of the poem, I pointed out, that Independence would heal the past and make the future free. Think if it will not do so. Its time for an end and new beginnings. Let Scotland now be the master of its destiny.