Larger and richer empires are the goals of our time. While successful economic development
is important, it is not the most important goal. The important goal is the quality of life and the
best quality of life is to be found in smaller nations where the citizens are directly democratically
engaged in their government.

On the other hand the world drive is for empires where the citizens are most like ants in an ant
hill. The U.K. Is trying to be an empire in being an amalgamation of England, Wales,
Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is also the case in the United States which is turning
or has turned into another international empire of continental America, Alaska, Puerto Rico,
Hawaii and other areas that should have more independent governments: smaller states
where citizens can be democratically engaged in governments.

Europe has turned into the European Union in an effort to make another impressive ‘Empire.”
It seems to be succeeding. The rule of course is a tyranny of the majority or the most
economically impressive in the European Union which is mostly another German economic empire in Europe. Rule comes from Brussels in Belgium which is the capital of a monster bureaucratic state. Europe is now largely just another colony of Germany, which of course was the aim of Frederick the Great. Europe in the E.U. suffers under the tyranny of the economic majority or the most economically impressive which is Germany.

Russia is another mass empire. India is another empire. Japan tried to be an Empire
in World War II. Islam is trying to set up its own empire. Whether it will succeed or not
will yet be seen. But the world is caught up in a clash of empires. The bigger the empire,
the more the citizens are lost and powerless in it. .

Yet the point is creating empires is simply that economics and over centralization come
first. The values of the empire nations are wrong. The quality of life of their peoples would be best
served in more independent countries that are smaller in size and more democratic in government. (Riches may come and go but it is not in riches that the ultimate nature of mankind is to be
fulfilled and happiest but in smaller areas with more democratic governments. )

If Scotland wishes to be a colony of London, it is unfortunate, but it can certainly do that.
If it wishes to become independent and endeavors to be a smaller and independent
country engaged in a far more democratic government, that is a higher goal than being part of
another “ Empire ” ant hill.

Ultimately Scotland as well as many nations have a choice: be a smaller nation where
the citizens can be more directly engaged in government, or be under domination by the tyranny
of the majority or an economic elite in another world empire. The choice is up to the Scots who should seriously consider the question before they decide. At stake is the kind of society they wish to have and to live in. I suggest a smaller independent and more democratic nation like an independent Scotland is the wiser choice than setting up or encouraging an empire to be a subservient part of.

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