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Germany runs the European Union for it own interests. The other countries in it are strictly peripheral. Why should Scotland go from being peripheral to England, To being peripheral to the E.U and Germany? If Scotland wants to be peripheral,

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Land Reform

One thing the land of Scotland badly lacks, Is a good land Buy-Back. Land reform should be the norm, But when Scotland is a mere colony of England, And English votes are stacked against the Scots, Land reform, cannot be

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Not Both Ways

Not Both Ways Scotland has to adapt to the hard fact, It can’t play it both ways. If Scotland stays with England, It will have to go the English majority way, As was shown in the referendum About the European

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Scotland has no reason to go with the the E.U. Where it will still compromise its independence, In any agreements with the E.U. But Scotland can always be free, As well stay its own independent country. If Scotland can be

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The European Union

If Scotland wants to be independent and free, Then why is it obsessed with belonging to the European Union ? Which is going to be dominated by Germany, As the only super power left in the European Union, Now that

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Larger and richer empires are the goals of our time. While successful economic development is important, it is not the most important goal. The important goal is the quality of life and the best quality of life is to be

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Scots Are Wise

The Scots are wise enough To consider where the money is coming from, But keep it cool, keep it level, As that is not as serious a problem, As you have been taught it it. As independence is the most

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Do you want to make the same mistake, From the United States, that Texas made ? As it merged itself into a larger country, Which did not necessarily share the same points of view, But thought very differently on nearly

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Wee And Free

Have you ever considered ? It may be better for Scotland To be “wee and free,” And not be always outnumbered, By a large majority of English, To whom Scotland is insignificant and smaller, And always will be ! Because

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Have you considered ? That Norway has a Sovereign Wealth Fund, And if Scotland were independent, It might have one also, As Scotland has oil resources too In the North Sea. And if Scotland were independent, Like Norway, which has

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